【Music】No.0020 J. Hurwitz – Another Day of Sun from “La La Land”(Transcripted for 12 instruments)


I arranged Another Day of Sun of the movie “La La Land” composed by Justin Hurwitz for 12 instruments. We do not have permission from copyright owner, so we can not show score.


  • Title:Another Day of Sun from “La La Land”
  • Composer: Justin Hurwitz
  • Arranger: H. Château
  • Instrumentation: 2Fl(2nd/Picc.), Ob, Eh, 2Bb-Cl, 2F-Hr, 2Bn, Vc and Cb
  • Score Size: A4
  • Score Pages: I can not show it


I arranged Arrange Day of Sun for 12-instruments including strings from the movie “La La Land (La La Land)” composed by J. Herwitz. Cello and contrabass are used for this arrangement and we are organizing it like mixing the composition of the double wind quintet and the Dvorak’s serenade op. 44. Please be aware that flute 2nd changes piccolo and English horn is used instead of oboe 2nd.

The music of J. Herwitz is under copyright protection, and I do not have obtained arrangement permission from the copyright owner.
I listened to music by ear and arranged it within the range of Article 38 of the Japanese Copyright Law (such as a performance not for profit) and used it for a non-profit concert. Please let us know if there is a problem.

The following demo movies are also posted on Youtube which has a comprehensive contract with a copyright management company such as JASRAC.

Placement of instruments

I arranged it so that the following placement would be the best with expectation of sound effect – For example, a sound that simulates a car horn 5 times at the end of a song moves from the right instrument to the left instrument. I think that other than Ensemble that I belong to will not play using this score, but in the future when the copyright has expired or permission is obtained, please play with the following placement of instruments.