【Music】No.0003 J. Raff – Grand Trio No.4, op.158 (Wind Quintet and Piano Transcription)


Switzerland composer Joachim Raff’s “Grand Trio, Op. 158”, I arranged it for Wind Quintet and Piano. You can purchase full score and parts music.


  • Title:Grand Trio No.4, Op.158
  • Composer: Joachim Raff
  • Arranger: H. Château
  • Instrumentation: Fl, Ob, ACl, Hr, Fg, Pf
  • Score Size: A4
  • Score Pages: 153
  • Parts Pages: Fl 16, Ob 15, Cl in A 17, Hr 12, Bn 16, Pf 69, Cl in Bb(2 and 4 mov.) 8


I arranged “Grand Trio, op.158” composed by J. Raff for Wind Quintet and Piano. Please refer to the original piano trio score and performance.

Raff’s music are in the public domain, so there is no copyright problem in this arrangement.

If you purchase, you can play this arrangement freely. If possible, please describe the name of the arranger “H. Château” to a leaflet, a program, etc of your concert. If you tell me your concert information, I will go listening with thanks.

Raff’s music are all in the public domain, but the copyright of this arrangement is in H. Château.

Prohibited matter

  • Secondary distribution of this score
  • Uploading to a free music score website such as IMSLP
  • Binding, publishing or selling without permission
  • Infringing copyright

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IMSLP / Piano Trio No.4, Op.158 (Raff, Joachim)