【Music】No.0001 Gabriel Fauré – PAVANE, op.50 (Wind Quintet and Piano Transcription)



French composer Gabriel Fauré’s “Pavane, Op. 50”, I arranged it for Wind Quintet and Piano based on the piano roll played by Fauré himself and the orchestral score. You can download full score and part music.


  • Title: PAVANE, op.50
  • Composer: Gabriel Fauré
  • Arranger: H. Château
  • Instrumentation: Fl, Ob, ACl, Hr, Fg, Pf
  • Score Size: A4
  • Pages: 30


I arranged “Pavane, op.50” composed by G. Fauré for Wind Quintet and Piano based on the piano roll played by Fauré himself and the orchestral score. The tempo and dynamics are written based on his playing. Please refer to the piano roll on Youtube and other video sharing website.

Fauré’s music are in the public domain, so there is no copyright problem in this arrangement.

Permission is unnecessary for playing. Please use widely and freely, such as concerts, recital, practice. If possible, please describe the name of the arranger “H. Château” to a leaflet, a program, etc. If you are going to play this arrangement at a concert, I will go and listen with glad.

[aside type=”warning”]Prohibited matter

  • Secondary distribution of this score
  • Uploading to a free music score website such as IMSLP
  • Binding, publishing or selling without permission

Demo video


“No.0001 Gabriel Fauré - PAVANE op.50 (Wind Quintet and Piano Transcription)” をダウンロード

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IMSLP / Pavane, Op.50 (Fauré, Gabriel)

Fauré plays his Pavane